EOS Mainnet getting launched online

EOS Mainnet getting launched online
Jun 17, 2018 by Rico Wise

EOS blockchain officially got launched, thought it took almost 2 weeks. It got started at 17:46 UTCa after block producer ballot crossed the line of 15 percent.

Technically it started its work one week earlier, but completely functional it became after reaching the minimal limit of 15 percent tokens out of EOS token total amount. The balloting lasted for several days and reached it official start on Thursday.

After the launch the EOS value has got a significant growth reaching $10.89 what it 7.5 percent rise. Presently, EOS is performing market capitalization equal to 9.8 billion dollars, which mean it’s one of five the largest digital currencies.

It also worth mentioning that Tron (currently holding 10th position in the of the largest currencies) presented its mainnet soft in May this year.