EOS surges once more after China acknowledging its blockchain as the best

EOS surges once more after China acknowledging its blockchain as the best
Dec 24, 2018 by Rico Wise

On Dec 17, EOS displayed a significant recovery action, adding 35 percent gains prior to establishing stability for a weekly period, only to proceed with movement now.

There are cases when the reasons for a currency to suddenly amass popularity are not clear, while sometimes it is merely a matter of cryptomarket movements, when traders notice a buy opportunity and cause a spike of interest.

Current interest in EOS is a lot more understandable. Both the blockchain platform and the currency are China’s child. Three days ago, CCID, under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, presented its GPBTAI – Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index, which is topped by EOS, with 20 points of advantage ahead of Ethereum and Bitcoin on the 18th place.

Was this actually a cause for EOS rally? There is a probability, because as soon as the news hit the markets, other top-rated blockchains are registering price spikes as well after the reveal of the GPBTAI.

GXchain has taken the 3rd place from BitShares in the said index. Its GXS currency has gained as well, displaying a present daily growth of almost 5 percent. GXchain ranks 104th by market cap, while BitShares with its BTC currency ranks 44th by the same criterion. BTS has added a little more than 2 percent over the past day, but this is nowhere near in comparison to the gains of EOS and GXchain.