​Ethereum Meta feature and its practical use

​Ethereum Meta feature and its practical use
Sep 2, 2018 by Rico Wise

Ethereum Meta tackles a substantial vulnerability of Ethereum, which is the deficiency of privacy. Ethereum Meta is responsible for provision of such smart contracts, which will not let a single soul other than the owner’s view their buys and costs.

Smart contracts of Ethereum Meta provide an opportunity to perform direct anonymous transactions between the two parties. These transactions successfully co-exist with regular, non-anonymous ones. Every customer is able to perform conversion of his ETH coins into Ethereum Meta tokens. These tokens can further be sent by the customers to others, including the possibility to do other operations with Ethereum Meta, like splitting or merging, or even converting the tokens back into regular ETH leaving no chances for tracing the operations.

Ethereum Meta ensures transparency and reinforcement of network consensus through mixing transaction tokens by exploiting other digital wallets handled by the smart contracts.

You can access Ethereum Meta via regular ETH wallets, allowing for a seamless shift from regular ETH to Meta. This secures continuity of financial operations on Ethereum Meta and also makes the token more valuable. The token can be added to any ERC-20-based digital wallet with ease, you just have to copy the token address and the symbol to the customer token tab.

The aim is to make Ethereum Meta an altcoin, which would serve for daily payments in the anonymous marketplace. The developers currently focus on digital wallet development, which would support Tor browser and be utilized in the anonymous digital marketplace.

Ethereum Meta's team launched an Airdrop with these simple rules:

1. Make a comment on Ethereum Meta Bitcointalk thread on why you like/interested in Ethereum Meta project: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2659058.0

2. Join and bring 2 more people to our telegram group: https://t.me/ethereummeta.

Two people that you are referred will recieve airdrop too, please ask them to send their ethereum address. (They need to be in the group when we start airdropping ETHM)

How to submit.

Send the following information to info@ethermeta.com:

1. A link to your Bitcointalk comment.

2. Your name on Telegram.

3. Your ETH wallet address to receive the airdrop.