Exclusive interview. Bitdepositary - is the world's first ICO Community and safe the return on your Investment

Exclusive interview. Bitdepositary -  is the world's first ICO Community and safe the return on your Investment
Nov 27, 2018 by Rico Wise

BASE.INFO team has interviewed Tobias Graf the CEO at Bitdepositary project. We have asked the most topical questions to get acquainted with the project and to learn the future plans of the Bitdepositary team.

Please welcome, Tobias Graf.

Do you remember the day, when you and your team decided to launch this project? Can you tell us about it?

"Yes it was in the middle of 2017, during this time, the crypto market started to boom but also the scams were humming. Since we ourselves have been active in the finance and IT sector for a long time and the blockchain has revolutionized the areas security and speed of transactions, the decision to start a project of this kind was taken relatively quickly.

We wanted to create something unique, which we have succeeded in this time in my opinion."

Could you briefly describe your project?

What is Bitdepositary? Bitdepositary is a Finance Marketplace with an Gold backed Coin (Target until 2023 = 100 BDT Coins = 1 gram Gold) paired with an ZERO Trading Fee Exchange (Exchange launch end 2018 or start 2019) and different Banks Solutions based on his own Blockchain (Blockchain launch this week) in combination with Secure Investment Votings to protect Users for Scam Projects. We see our Project as a unique Project with a long future.

Why it differs among the other cryptocurrency ideas? What main feature can be the significant one?

The most Cryptocurrency ideas are only ideas that are the main difference. The main difference from our Products is the all in one Solutions from one Company. Based on the own Blockchain (not an external one), backed with Gold to support the Coin and the buyers and the unique Voting Process for future ICO's on our Blockchain.

What are 3 main difficulties in running the cryptocurrency project?

Winning trust is the hardest part of crypto projects and that's only possible with honesty and publishing products. Not only talk, do it, but that's also important. The second part is the technical progress in the Crypto area because everything changes very fast. As the third part I think the bear market right now.

What about the legal restrictions? What are your thoughts on the subject?

I think personally the legal restrictions are very important but too many restrictions change the basic concept too much. So it requires a path of both, regulates and maintains existing structures. I think decisions in this area should not only be made by politicians, but I also prefer a mix of politicians and already active people in the area of crypto.

Describe your team in a few sentences? What do you value in your colleagues?

"It's not easy to find people whom you can trust and walk together forward, so I'm very happy to have all our team members and advisors. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses but in a group, you can balance the weaknesses and connect the strengths. I don't say we are perfect yet in the cooperation but almost perfect is unique in such a big team.

Could you tell us about one error in project’s development that provided a great lesson to your team?

A big error I could not find yet in the development because the team always adapts to the market circumstances and that was also the reason why we decided later to back our coin with gold. If I could repeat it again I would make this decision already at the start.

What are your thoughts about the future of the blockchain in the world? What industries will be influenced most of all?

The most influenced industries will be the Finance / Insurance Industry for the money and data transfers as an example or as a substitute for the notary in the transfer of real estates or for transfer ownership from precious metal as money security. I personally say a blockchain is not the best for all industries but for fast transactions and data protection is it the best.

Can you give a piece of advice to our readers?

The Crypto Market is still very small in contrast to the fiat market, but the crypto technology is the future, so trust in what is the future!