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Exclusive interview. HubrisOne - a cryptocurrency digital bank

Exclusive interview. HubrisOne - a cryptocurrency digital bank
Sep 27, 2018 by Rico Wise

BASE.INFO team has interviewed Ivan Gyimah the Co-founder & CEO of HubrisOne project. We have asked the most topical questions to get acquainted with the project and to learn the future plans of the HubrisOne team.

Please welcome, Ivan Gyimah.

Please describe your company/project in 2 sentences.

We’re a cryptocurrency friendly digital bank bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies and traditional banking services.

Why did you decide that blockchain should be the basis of your project?

Our belief (short term and long term) is that banks will not become irrelevant as many in the cryptocurrency/Blockchain industry suggests. However, banking as we know it today will completely change; banking is becoming more open, digital and cost efficient with the help of Blockchain technology.

We identified this early and asked ourselves where it best makes sense to incorporate Blockchain technology in people’s day to day banking activities. There are many great Blockchains in the market that significantly reduce the cost cross-payments and day to day POS transactions.

However, the one problem we found was that nobody was applying these technologies to real life use-cases. This is where we realised there was a white space.

Why did you launch the ICO? Was it the only option to collect the funds?

We are considering many fundraising options including Seed funding from VC’s, crowdfunding via Crowdcube.com and ICO or an STO. For now we certainly pursuing crowdfunding with Crowdcube.com - we are releasing 15% equity to raise financing to develop the product.

Briefly describe your team. Why these people became the engine of your project?

The HubrisOne team brings a wealth of experience ranging from fintech, banking, payments, blockchain development to UI/UX design, IOS development, marketing, operations and more. You will find deep industry expertise, successful prior ventures, and drive.

What are the main centerpiece and the highlight of your project? What will attract the investors' attention?

We’ll be fully regulated by the FCA in the U.K. which will allow us to operate within the EU. This is the digital banking first app that allows you to complete your day to day banking activities and store your cryptocurrencies together.

Our customers will receive the following:

- EUR, GBP, USD Accounts;

- Option to create upto 200 cryptocurrency wallets;

- Secure HubrisOne Visa Debit card;

- Cross border transfers on the Stellar and OmiseGo Blockchain;

- Crypto-backed lending integration.

What are your thoughts about ICO marketing? Can it be really effective due to all the restrictions and other phenomenas?

We believe that projects, companies and businesses with a real business use-case will always rise and succeed even without mass marketing.Our focus is on building a product that is valuable for new entrants into the cryptocurrency market and for users who are already in the market.A product/service that provides significant value to customers almost always attracts he right attention.

Why is your project better than your competitors?

HubrisOne is the financial services eco-system for the cryptocurrency generation.Instant digital bank accounts, integrated cryptocurrency wallets, crypto-backed lending and API driven wealth management access and a secure HubrisOne debit card all of these features within one app.If you would like to do the above right now you’d need to switch between 3-4 maybe 5 apps.

What are the major ways of monetization for your project?

We have three business monetisation strategies:

1. Premium monthly membership fees charged at $4 a month (payable in tokens).

We also have a free account with limited features.

2. Crypto-backed Lending: 10% interest rate chargeable for all crypto loans taken out.

3. Open Marketplace for partners - partners will pay a small fee to join the marketplace and a small success fee when a product or service is purchased through our app.

Which markets are the most attractive for you right now? Do you take in consideration the USA and other countries with the legal restrictions for the crypto crowdfundings?

Every country is eligible to join our equity crowdfunding campaign. For our ICO, China will not be able to participate.

Describe your project in 3 years? Will it change something in the world?

In three years, we will have transformed the way banking is viewed, cryptocurrency adoption will have increased due to the familiarity we provide through HubrisOne. More importantly, financial services access for all.

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