Exclusive interview. ND INVEST - platform for instant purchases of real estate

Exclusive interview. ND INVEST - platform for instant purchases of real estate
Oct 31, 2018 by Rico Wise

BASE.INFO team has interviewed Vyachislav Loshkarev the COO of ND INVEST project. We have asked the most topical questions to get acquainted with the project and to learn the future plans of the ND INVEST team.

Please welcome, Vyachislav Loshkarev.

Please describe your company/project in 2 sentences.

ND INVEST is a platform for instant purchases of real estate, cars, furniture and services at discounted and promotional prices. By signing the preliminary purchase agreement and paying the deposit upfront using ND tokens via our application or web page, the customer retains the ownership right for the asset, the pre-approved price and conditions of the deal.

Why did you decide that blockchain should be the basis of your project?

Blockchain technology allows fast and cheap transactions around the world, which is essential for retail on worldwide level.

Why did you launch the ICO? Was it the only option to collect the funds?

We launched ND INVEST ICO to collect funds for our future platform and to get our first potential users of this platform, since NDCOIN is a utility token, so all investors will be able to use it as payment for goods and services. ICO is a way to collect additional funds for us. Regardless to its results, we will launch the platform and distribute the tokens.

Briefly describe your team. Why these people became the engine of your project?

Our team has experience in various areas. We have front-end and back-end developers, UI and UX designers, content writers, marketing coordinators and a director of a car dealership. All of them play essential roles in our project, making sure that everyone gets the best experience and offers from ND INVEST.

Our team works like a single organism with each group of people fulfilling separate tasks, but all of them contributing to the overall successful perfomance of ND INVEST.

What are the main centerpiece and the highlight of your project? What will attract the investors' attention?

ND INVEST will be a platform, where sellers can sell their products very fast when they need money urgently and buyers will enjoy buying these products at maximum discounts. What is also essential is that NDCOIN will be necessary for deals on the platform, which will ensure its liquidity and high demand for it.

When a potential buyer finds a good product, s/he has to pay a deposit in NDCOIN tokens. We think that it is reasonable to buy tokens that will be used for something on the platform rather than pay for securities of the company. The risks are lower with utility tokens.

What are your thoughts about ICO marketing? Can it be really effective due to all the restrictions and other phenomenas?

I am skeptical about various marketing offers we received. It's amazing how easy it is to buy articles, video reviews, premium listings on ICO calendars, hype in social networks and even on bitcointalk (even though it is agaisnt forum rules). We are against such options and don't pay for anything of that sort. We rely on our own marketing strategy.

It includes Referral leadership program for people to receive commissions from purchases of tokens within our structure, various promotions for the best leaders in this program. We also have an Airdrop and a Bounty program. In the near future, we will start rewarding token holders with additional tokens on weekly basis to attract even more people.

Why is your project better than your competitors?

There are some platforms on real estate trading and on car purchases. However, we never came by a project that will offer a platform on blockchain to buy goods with maximum discounts. We will start with sales of real estate property and cars, because our company has years of experience in this area, but we will expand to other goods and services as our platform grows.

What are the major ways of monetization for your project?

ND INVEST platform will charge a small fee from all of the transactions, performed on the platform.

Which markets are the most attractive for you right now? Do you take in consideration the USA and other countries with the legal restrictions for the crypto crowdfundings?

The most attractive market for us right now is a broad range of Russian-speaking countries, because we have partners from our previous projects there. We are also looking into Indian and some Asian markets.

For now, we don't allow people from USA, Singapore, China and any other countries whose jurisdictions forbid or limit participation in ICOs.

Describe your project in 3 years? Will it change something in the world?

In three years we expect about 20 million users of our system and 3000 active car dealerships, real estate developers and furniture stores that use ND INVEST. Our project will simplify retail and contribute to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.