Exclusive interview. Turkey Energy is a blockchain-based platform for the solar energy market

Exclusive interview. Turkey Energy is a blockchain-based platform for the solar energy market
Sep 26, 2018 by Rico Wise

BASE.INFO team has interviewed Özgür Ayhaner the CEO of Turkey Energy project. We have asked the most topical questions to get acquainted with the project and to learn the future plans of the Turkey Energy team.

Please welcome, Özgür Ayhaner.

Please describe your company/project in 2 sentences.

Turkey Energy eliminates the technical barriers that go towards setting up solar farms. Investors get to avoid all the costs and risk while getting a chance to invest in clean energy. Besides that, the investors do not need to worry about intermediaries.

Funds flow directly from their wallets to the projects. They can rest easy knowing that their investment is secured by a smart contract and the Ethereum blockchain.

Why did you decide that blockchain should be the basis of your project?

Accessible all over the world.

Why did you launch the ICO? Was it the only option to collect the funds?

No financial assets in the world, no fund shares with energy and real estate and technology in the world.

Briefly describe your team. Why these people became the engine of your project?

Sosyal medya, Strateji ve Yönetim tecrübe.

What are the main centerpiece and the highlight of your project? What will attract the investors' attention?

Turkey shareholding high-income financial assets.

What are your thoughts about ICO marketing? Can it be really effective due to all the restrictions and other phenomenas?

Our new web site is ready for more ad and trust required.

Why is your project better than your competitors?

The coverage is unique because the fund collected here has a counterpart and a growing value.

What are the major ways of monetization for your project?

Professional expert recommendations.

Which markets are the most attractive for you right now? Do you take in consideration the USA and other countries with the legal restrictions for the crypto crowdfundings?

All countries except USA and Korea.

Describe your project in 3 years? Will it change something in the world?

Crypto will be a counterweight to money, and Energy revenues will gain faster value on the fastest growing investment money 10 thousand people and 10 USD project launch enough.