Exclusive interview. WinTo - meaningful communication & transparent charity

Exclusive interview. WinTo - meaningful communication & transparent charity
Oct 31, 2018 by Rico Wise

BASE.INFO team has interviewed Danny Rusev tne Business Development & Marketing of WinTo project. We have asked the most topical questions to get acquainted with the project and to learn the future plans of the WinTo team.

Please welcome, Danny Rusev.

Please describe your company/project in 2 sentences.

World Winners Network will connect celebrities, consumers, businesses and nonprofits and encourage them to interact in a way that everyone receives multiple benefits and generates money for transparent charity.

Our goal is to take advantage of the social media addiction, consumerism and blockchain technology to build a community where people can share their problems and find solutions instead of waiting on governments and institutions.

Why did you decide that blockchain should be the basis of your project?

Blockchain is the only technology allowing us to achieve 100% transparent donations and avoid all manipulations within the ecosystem.

Why did you launch the ICO? Was it the only option to collect the funds?

The World Winners Network is a 2 year old project that wasn't created as an ICO product, but after all the investors we approached tried to tweak the charity model in their favor we decided ICO is the only way to preserve the core model.

Briefly describe your team. Why these people became the engine of your project?

The Founder & CEO is a successful entrepreneur and owner of marketing agency since 2003. For the last few years he dedicates a lot of his time to study the major problems of our society. We all met him at different times and under different circumstances he attracted us to join him on this journey.

Our core team is not big but consist of dedicated people with the right mindset and skills including former CEO of big companies and adviser of governments, professional marketer, business associate of world's most successful shopping community, designer and blockchain developer with rich experience on their field.

Our advisers are also very passionate about the project and help us a lot relying on their experience and connections. As seen on our website we don't have a dozen of blockchain developers and that's why we are negotiating with one of the largest software companies here to dedicate a team working on our app.

What are the main centerpiece and the highlight of your project? What will attract the investors' attention?

In my opinion our project stands out with its potential to drive positive change and its easy to understand by the average person concept. Once we launch the platform, start generating charity money and fund several noble causes the society will see its benefits.

When it comes to investors we have done few major steps to set us apart of most ICOs, reduce the risk of scam and protect their interest. We are very transparent about the use of funds and will display how we will spend the money raised in each token sale stage before we continue with the next one.

Naturally the more we develop our app and build trust within the community we reduce the risk and increase the value of the token. By doing this we reward the early investors for their faith in our project.

Last but not least, we will not list the WinTo token on exchanges before there is enough demand for it leading to price appreciation. To have even better liquidity we created the WinTo pool, where holders can store and have the preferential right to sell their tokens to users of the World Winners Network.

What are your thoughts about ICO marketing? Can it be really effective due to all the restrictions and other phenomenas?

It is really hard to determine where to spend your marketing budget at the moment and even harder to set expectations in terms of traffic and sales. Bounty campaigns, airdrops and Telegram channel boosts have zero value for me. I believe private meetings, high quality content and live streams give you the best chance.

Why is your project better than your competitors?

I don't think we actually have competitors. There are other projects focusing on transparent charity, new ways of social networking or loyalty programs with rewards distributed in crypto, but World Winners Network is unique combination of all the above plus more.

What are the major ways of monetization for your project?

The main driving force is the discounted shopping which will also generate the charity money. Most people are pessimistic when they hear me saying that, because they don't recognize the revolutionary model. Users of World Winners Network will not shop with our trading partners just to save money, they will be emotionally attached and do it to solve their own problems or support someone in need.

Imagine a small neighborhood with 500 residents, where the playground needs to be repaired and only 5 people are members of World Winners Network. In few days these 5 people can speak to literally all their neighbors, invite them to create a free account with us, start shopping with discounts and receive additional money for charity. When 500 people generate even as little as $10 cashback each that's $5000.

Besides the shopping part we will offer variety of services in the ecosystem which will be accessed with the WinTo token. Creating causes, hot topics, paying for educational services or exclusive interviews with celebrities, buying advertising space/time are some of the examples. When used by large number of members the above create another major source of revenue.

Which markets are the most attractive for you right now? Do you take in consideration the USA and other countries with the legal restrictions for the crypto crowdfundings?

At the moment we are targeting the English and German speaking ICO investors. The U.S. market have a huge potential for model like ours, but we will approach it after Pre Sale 3 when World Winners Network will go live and the WinTo will be fully functional utility token.

Describe your project in 3 years? Will it change something in the world?

Once we launch World Winners Network in Bulgaria and prove it to work it will be very easy to go across boarders. Not in 3 years, but in 24 months the most we should have millions of International members using the power of community to solve their problems at no cost.