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Expansion ambitions of Dell drive its business to India

Expansion ambitions of Dell drive its business to India
Sep 27, 2018 by Rico Wise

According to Manish Gupta, the senior director and the general manager at Dell EMC India, the technology colossus had come across requests of the clientele connected with embrace of new server solutions. The man also revealed Dell’s plans of introducing a new line of production related to blockchain technologies, AI, cloud, and data analytics.

There are dominant Indian IT companies, banking institutions, financial organizations, insurance firms, and even the Indian government itself among the clients of Dell EMC India. Speaking of the latter, it has recently begun paying closer attention to the possible applications of blockchain innovations.

The blockchain technologies have already gone far beyond its original use case, which was to store the transaction data of what has turned to be the world’s most dominant digital currency, Bitcoin. Now, blockchain offers a lot more than just that, having startup projects, big companies and governments all paying close attention to it, researching and developing it, with aims to integrate their daily working models in the technology.

This happens because blockchain has received a trustworthy reputation of being unhackable, secure, easy to use and definitely faster than any previous record-keeping solution. Dell believes that blockchain innovations are just what the tech giant needs to stay at the top with its networking and server business model.

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