Fifty percent of most popular digital money may be securities

Fifty percent of most popular digital money may be securities
Jun 17, 2018 by Rico Wise

A Multicoin Capital partner Kyle Samani is convinced that a bigger part of digital money could be recognized as securities.

Samani has deliberated methodical recommendations announced by SEC (full name - Securities Exchange Commission). SEC’s corporate funds chief was to introduce the position of the agency on cryptocurrencies to the public. According to Hinman electronic estate on its own cannot be recognized as a security. Although, depending on the fact how the creators work on it’s advertising company, it can be performed as security.

Those tokens that depend on some exact, identified person or group of people to prosper are going to be recognized as securities in contradistinction to decentralized estates. According to Hinman and Samani - bitcoin and ethereum belong to the second group, as they can not be managed by a single entity and cannot be determined as securities.

Samani agrees that methodical recommendations revealed by SEC is one real, implementable way to define if an estate is decentralized.

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