Former BitTorrent employee claims BTT token will most probably use another blockchain

Former BitTorrent employee claims BTT token will most probably use another blockchain
Jan 12, 2019 by Rico Wise

Simon Morris, ex-CSO at BitTorrent, claims that TRON blockchain will be unable to handle BitTorrents increase transaction rate. Such opinion comes just a couple of days after TRON revealed the news about launching BitTorrent’s digital currency on Binance Launchpad.

Morris has also stated that the filesharing platform would mose probably move its tokenization procedure and related operations to another blockchain.

Furthermore, Morris suggests that TRON is intending to perform everything on some kind of a central server, claiming the result to be the TRON’s version of the Lightninig Network or something similar, stating it is based on TRON, when in reality it wouldn’t be.

There is a reason behind Morris’s negativity towards the project. When he worked at BitTorrent, he notices that the process of tokenization would deand hundreds of TPS from the start, and despite the facts that TRON stated that its TPS rate was better than that of Ethereum’s platform, Morris claims such statements to be false. In the event that BitTorrent utilized the TRON mainnet in the future, BitTorrent would simply destroy it.

A year ago, people began noticing that TRON had copied the whitepapers of IPFS and Filecoin, further resulting in a whitepaper takedown, even though they never admitted plagiarizing anything.

Morris claims that the tokenization of BitTorrent was a good concept due to the fact that it would improve the network’s speed, which led him to the meeting with Justin Sun. According to Morris’s observations, Sun is much better at marketing aspect of the business than from the technical standpoint, leading him to the conclusion that TRON is merely a marketing machine.