Gemini employs ex-COO from Wall Street

Gemini employs ex-COO from Wall Street
Oct 13, 2018 by Rico Wise

Being an ex-chief operating officer at Wall Street, Jeanine is ready to contribute more than yen years of expertise to the firm established by the Winklevoss brothers.

According to the announcing statement, this employment is a part of an attempt to establish a top-notch marketplace along with Client Services Team that would accommodate the needs and demands of its corporate clientele. This crew will also assist the input of the currently existing Customer Team.

The brothers claim that Jeanine’s expertise will be crucial in the development of the firm’s outlook for its marketplace and client services team, which are to ensure that the company keeps delivering the best possible experience for interaction with the platform of the cryptoexchange.

Hightower-Sellitto used to work as a COO at the ISE, a firm where she worked from its very beginning and assisted in its development into becoming a colossal exchange prior to being acquired by NASDAQ. Over 13 years of hire at the ISE she worked on multiple executive positions in various departments, including relationship and product management, and business development.