​GMO introduces “freeware” for Zcash mining

​GMO introduces “freeware” for Zcash mining
Sep 30, 2018 by Rico Wise

GMO, the technology company located in Japan, is continuing its expansion into the cryptomining operations, introducing software clients for other digital currencies. This time, the company brings you the cryptomining software for Zcash and other digital currencies based on the Equihash, utilizing the GPU chips of general purpose.

The software goes by the name of Crypoknocker, being created concisely for cryptomining systems made of Nvidia’s GPUs of GeForce 8 generation or later.

Despite the fact that the software client comes free of charge, the company behind it demands a part of mined cryptocurrency, and such part accounts for 2% of the tokens customers will mine in the process of running the software. The firm claims that such fee is being set off by a 2% effectiveness enhancement against other cryptomining software.

In spite of being utilized by many digital currencies, most often people associate Equihash with Zcash, which centers on privacy and ranks #21 by the volume of market capitalization. As numerous other cryptomining algorithms, it has been created to be ASIC-proof, making sure that it would be possible to mine digital currency without specific equipment, which can be obtained from a few manufacturers only.