Google attempts to employ Vitalik Buterin for a clandestine cryptocurrency project

Google attempts to employ Vitalik Buterin for a clandestine cryptocurrency project
May 24, 2018 by Rico Wise

Recently, Vitalik Buterin has uploaded a picture containing a job offer that Google emailed him. He then posted a poll where he asked his followers whether he should accept the offer or not. Vitalik did not bother keeping the data undisclosed, revealing the name of the recruiter, the email address and even his avatar.

Over 2,000 followers have participated in the poll, with the majority voting against Vitalik accepting the job offer. Nevertheless, over 40 percent of the voters believed that Buterin should really consider dropping ETH. The posts were deleted by Vitalik a couple of hours later, possibly for the reason of his failure to keep the details of the email secret.

There is no chance for Vitalik to join Google after achieving so much with Ethereum, assuming he is highly associated with the project, and his resignation would definitely cause Ethereum’s price to drop instantly. It is plausible that Vitalik simply mocked Google by publishing the screenshot and had no real intention of joining them in the first place.

Lately Buterin has been putting many efforts into the deployment of updates for Casper and Sharding. He also participated in numerous events as a supporter of digital currencies and blockchain technology.

On the other hand, Google has banned digital currency and initial coin offering advertisements in their entirety earlier in March. Nevertheless, later that month Google unveiled their plans for developing their own blockchain project, and Vitalik was probably being offered a job regarding this very project, or maybe even something yet undisclosed. It is worth reminding that Google is also financing Ripple, LedgerX, Veem and various other blockchain companies.

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