How hackathons dramatically enhance blockchain technologies

 How hackathons dramatically enhance blockchain technologies
Sep 17, 2018 by Rico Wise

ETHGlobal is the largest hackathon by far, it has made a significant contribution to the development of Ethereum’s open-source dev community, organizing tech master-classes, talks, and providing the hackers with resources needed to take part in the app development events.

The most recent installment of ETHGlobal has taken place in Berlin, and is regarded by most hackers as the best one yet, as a wide array of promising projects has emerged from it, including Sharding prototype, created by Vlad Zamfir, a renowned ETH researcher.

ETHGlobal also attracts well-known digital currency sector financiers, among whom Linda Xie is a hackathon participant since the very first installment in Canada in October 2017.

ETHBerlin was largely covered by media because of its attempts to rely exclusively on dApps and solutions based on the Ethereum platform to handle all kinds of activities at the hackthon, such as streaming, accommodations booking, ticketing, etc. ETHBerlin welcomed developers from both local German community and other countries of the world to take part in the blockchain development process.

As of now, both the cryptomarket and blockchain innovations are steel emerging industries. It is thanks to initiative of the Ethereum community that they are growing and paving their way to prosperity.