HTC’s Exodus 1 blockchain-based smartphone will include the Brave web browser

HTC’s Exodus 1 blockchain-based smartphone will include the Brave web browser
Dec 13, 2018 by Rico Wise

According to the latest news from Brendan Eich, the co-creator of Exodus, who is also known for making his input in the development of the Mozilla Firefox internet browser, Brave will become the default browser for the new HTC’s product.

HTC Exodus 1 is created with the promise of decentralization via blockchain innovations. Similar to Brave, it aims to return the ownership and control over personal information back to the end-users. For those who own digital currencies, the gadget will provide private key storage services using Zion.

Despite the fact that Brave browser is not based on blockchain technologies itself, it does indeed focus on the idea of decentralization of its dedicated BAT token, based on the Ethereum’s platform. As per Eich, the BAT network at the moment is ‘semi-decentralized’ because of the necessity to handle the manner of distribution of its dedicated tokens.

Brave provides its customers with the ability to block any and all ads and cookies, thereby facilitating quicker search, loading and making the process of surfing the Web much more pleasant in the whole. Brave also hopes to eliminate some of the search market that is currently dominated by such giants as Google and Microsoft, which gather immense amounts of personal data from their customers.

Brave also intends to reward customers who choose to view ads with BAT tokens, which are to be paid by the advertisers, partially returning the data monetization rewards back to the data owners. Brave has already achieved over 10 million downloads and has an active customer pool of more than 4 million people, which is growing all thanks to the HTC’s announcement of implementing the browser into Exodus 1.

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