Huobi to deploy EOS cryptoexchange and include EOS in the Huobi DM

Huobi to deploy EOS cryptoexchange and include EOS in the Huobi DM
Jan 2, 2019 by Rico Wise

Huobi Pool, the cryptomining branch of Huobi Group, already forms a supernode for EOS and closely cooperates with it. Among other cooperations is the Crypto Kylin Testnet, an EOS test blockchain for improvement of EOS-based products.

Huobi Pool has also designed a voting network for EOS holders and oversees an EOS community to make its members aware of node elections. The latest press release envisages the consensus ethos for EOS platform. It is said that via its Distributed PoS consensus, EOS makes individuals and groups all over the globe able to cooperate and share in the process of decision-making.

Via PoS, validated EOS holders will rule the process of development and the destiny of the blockchain platform to reach decentralization. According to the chief executive of the Huobi Pool, Cao Fei, introduction of this EXO cryptoexchange is merely the following logical move in their support.

The cryptoexchange from the Huobi Group is presently ranking third according to the ratings of the CoinMarketCap by adjusted trading volume. The firm’s release claims it is now reaching an overall revenue of more than 1 trillion US dollars. Recently, Huobi DM, the derivative trading network, has also included EOS into the list of its contract trading services.

Chief executive of Huobi Global, Livio Weng, pointed out that this is a response to a pressing demand from users to include more currencies in the services of Huobi DM: “We’ve seen a great response to our Bitcoin and Ethereum contract services from a broad range of sophisticated traders.”