​IBM establishes payment network based on Stellar blockchain

​IBM establishes payment network based on Stellar blockchain
Sep 6, 2018 by Rico Wise

IBM has commenced operation of a financial solution, which, according to the company’s statement, is capable of entirely transforming the current state of international transactions.

The newly established IIBM Blockchain World Wire fuses together the blockchain technologies of Stellar with digital currency to enable immediate fund transfers of an assured value.

It has previously been reported this summer that the computing giant supported a stablecoin of Stronghold, which is pegged to the value of US dollar. The currency operates on the Stellar blockchain. Subsequently, IBM has released an announcement about its involvement with an eco-friendly digital currency startup, which is also based on Stellar’s technologies.

The launched network is described as a platform, which can combine the tasks of both clearing and settling international transactions almost in real-time. As per IBM, World Wire can seamlessly integrate into any transactions system, which already exists, and handles transactions of any volume, sent anywhere, and supporting any existing type of asset within an environment that provides a high level of security and safety.