IOTA introduces Ledger wallet compatibility

IOTA introduces Ledger wallet compatibility
Nov 5, 2018 by Rico Wise

The IOTA token owners will soon get the chance to store their assets on the Nano S device. As per the IOTA’s press release, the hardware wallets are performing an integration with the IOTA Trinity and Romeo Wallets, isolating customers’ account keys from their PCs or mobile devices, adding another security level against cyber criminals.

Eric Larchevêque, the chief executive of IOTA, has pointed out that maintaining the security levels at their highest is a significant aim at both Ledger and IOTA. IOTA strives for zero-fee transactions and scalability, including the IoT use cases. Additionally, the MIOTA token has a market capitalization that puts it in the top-20 digital currencies by this criterion.

Back in summer, IOTA has entered into partnership with Fujitsu, an international IT hardware firm based in Tokyo. Also, IOTA has increased the awareness of its currency by making it listed at the Bitfinex cryptoexchange this June.

IOTA utilizes a technology different from blockchain, called “Tangle”, which bases on the variety of different squares, connected by certain arrows, and making a “directed graph”. According to the multitude of discussions at Reddit, most of the IOTA currency owners were anticipating the introduction of compatibility with Ledger, which is now a mere matter of days.