Last week’s review of the news in the world of crypto

Last week’s review of the news in the world of crypto
Jul 30, 2018 by Rico Wise

In terms of price changes, BTC has gained about 9 percent, with some unexpected spikes taking place, making it possible for the dominant digital currency to hit the 7,700 USD level just overnight. The price of Bitcoin keeps fluctuating in the ballpark of 8,000 US dollars, affecting the stability of other digital currencies and tokens.

ETH is nearly a half percent down this week, representing the vast majority of other tokens that experienced correction. Just by the end of the week, ETH and other alternative digital currencies have bounced back along with the increase of the trading volume.

Cryptomarket’s capitalization has increased by 5 percent, hitting its record levels for these two months. Its current amount equates to 294 billion US dollars.

Speaking of other news, here is a brief digest.

Startup projects:

- Binance, the world’s dominant cryptoexchange by trading volume, intends to expand its operations by entering South Korea;

- Ketch’up Bike, a major Hong Kong bicycle sharing startup, sold its majority share to finance digital currency project engaging in the similar business;

- Co-creator of Uber to launch a zero-fee cryptoexchange that could challenge giants like Coinbase and Robinhood.


- Digital currency exchange-traded fund created by the Winklevoss twin

s rejected by the US SEC for the second time;

- The so-called “Dream City” of China, Xiongan, collaborates with ConsenSys to turn the city into a flagship blockchain center.

Illegal activities:

- Etherscan prevents cyber attack that attempted to exploit the commentary section;

- KICKICO startup suffers a hacker attack, losing approximately 8 million USD in the process – all victims claimed to get a refund.

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