Ledger collaborates with Neufund to develop security token network

Ledger collaborates with Neufund to develop security token network
Dec 9, 2018 by Rico Wise

Neufund, located in Berlin, and Ledger, a hardware wallet provided located in Paris, already have a record of collaborating back in 2017, when Ledger developed a customized Nano S wallet with additional security standards for the German marketplace. It was further given to renowned financiers who entered the Neufund’s Initial Community Building Mechanism.

In their current collaboration, security token and issuance network Neufund and Ledger will make the customers able to handle real-world assets using the blockchain platform, all while prviding the safest customer-experience for financiers. It will do so by implementing ERC20 standard to Ledger’s freshly developed desktop app named Ledger Live, which lets the customers handle any coins released via Neufund’s protocols and network.

Chief executive of Neufund, Zoe Adamovicz stated that the functionality of the project is aimed at high-profile financiers, as wallets provided by Ledger are the safest means of establishing and handling investments performed via Neufund’s protocols. With operations in the 7-9 digit ballpark (in Euros), security turns into the main priority.

Neufund’s network already utilizes Ledger’s products, and customers can handle their Neufund accounts via Ledger wallets.