Malta targets the Waves digital currency

Malta targets the Waves digital currency
Sep 13, 2018 by Rico Wise

The crew behind Waves, the decentralize digital currency network that offers a unique ecosystem to its clients – developers and blockchain innovators – has met with the prime minister of the island of Malta along with other representatives of the country friendly to cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

The meeting was gathered to talk about possible outcome scenarios for the use of the Waves network in operations of Maltese government and corporate sectors of the country. Among the discussed fields of operation were such sectors as voting, land registry, healthcare, and many others, including suggestions to utilize the network for tokenization of financial assets.

According to the reports, these meetings were the first steps towards a fruitful cooperation, the discussion of which is to continue in the nearest future.

As per the experts, Waves blockchain is considered to be one of the projects that lacks appreciation the most, since its potential is unparalleled. Overall, the news that the project will receive development in such a crypto-friendly state as Malta is uplifting.

As a result, Waves managed to increase its value in the market by 45 percent, despite the overall downtrend and bearish tendencies.