MapleChange returns on the radar, creates reimbursement chat room

MapleChange returns on the radar, creates reimbursement chat room
Oct 30, 2018 by Rico Wise

Subsequent to yesterday’s announcements of MapleChange claiming to be hacked and going offline, the Twitter page of the cryptoexchange was restored, with the people behind the exchange opening a Discord chatroom to assist in the provision of altcoin refunds to the customers. The exchange claims that it will not be able to reimburse any LTC or BTC deposits, with the main website of the cryptoexchange remaining offline.

The clients do not seem to look very reassured by the new tweets, with many threatening to report the exchange to the enforcement bodies in the wake of the recent activities. According to some tweets, the altcoin owners confirmed the fact of being reimbursed by the cryptoecxhange.

Additionally, the company shed more light on the details of the cyber attack it has encountered. The firm claims that the hackers managed to perform trades worth of approximately 15 BTC, however, managing to withdraw only as much as nearly 8 BTC, because it was virtually all that was available at the time. The issues could have occurred due to the troubles with the infrastructure of the cryptoexchange.

The exchange has never had a large volume, and was quite offended by all the allegations of the media outlets.