Microsoft Taiwan collaborates for blockchain enhancement

Microsoft Taiwan collaborates for blockchain enhancement
Jul 4, 2018 by Rico Wise

Microsoft, Digital China and Hot Cool are the three enterprises, which have recently announced their collaboration to enhance blockchain technologies in sectors of finance, recreation and others.

The collaborators have revealed their intentions at the end of June, during the conference where representatives of Taiwan division of Microsoft claimed that Microsoft’s Azure is capable of enhancing the blockchain of the Digital China in terms of operational quickness and safety measures.

Digital China states that innovative approach that pertains to Microsoft, is hard to overestimate, thanks to various contributing factors, including location, research and development foundation and ideal environment for the work on blockchain advancement.

Hot Cool stated that the three-way partnership they are concluding with the other two companies is one of the best endeavors to take part in. It has the potential of making the perspective bright for the already revolutionary innovations of blockchain. Hot Cool is an MSP that operates as a technical mediator in businesses of public and corporate cloud services.

There is still not much information revealed concerning the details of the collaboration, so far it is the second cooperation involving Microsoft, the first one being concluded with Ernst & Young.