Miner’s Choice initiative is joined by yet another BCH pool

Miner’s Choice initiative is joined by yet another BCH pool
Jun 8, 2018 by Rico Wise

More BCH pools expressed their intentions in joining the Miner’s Choice program, insisting on the dust limit removal, allowing to handle operations without fees.

Yesterday, ViaBTC along with Bitcoin.com were revealed to decide to join the ranks of the Miner's Choice campaign.

ViaBTC has the 2nd biggest BCH mining pool in the world. As reported by statistics, its Bitcoin Cash hashrate constitutes 12.7%, while the other two participants of the initiative, Bitcoin.com and CoinGeek, are responsible for 7.7% and 6.9% accordingly. Statistics for nChain, the fourth member of the initiative, were not available at the moment of data gathering.

Overall, the initiative is now backed by at least 1/4 of the complete BCH hashrate, potentially signifying notable changes to be unleashed on the Bitcoin Cash network.

As we have already reported, the campaign revolves around the idea of removing the default dust limit of 546 satoshis, allowing to handle transacting operations without commission, therefore creating more adoption opportunities for Bitcoin Cash. It is planned to leave the fees for those who want faster transaction speeds, while providing an option to keep it slow and free of charge for those who are patient.

The advocates of the initiative believe that BCH will become the preferred digital currency for enterprises looking for ways to introduce microtransactions in their operations.