Monero introduces crypto-related malware battling initiative

Monero introduces crypto-related malware battling initiative
Oct 1, 2018 by Rico Wise

The XMR coin is known for its simplified cryptomining processes and privacy standards. Nevertheless, these feats bring along the unwanted criminals who want to take advantage of the coin’s policies and implement it in their malicious software.

The option to utilize digital currency in malicious software is not an XMR-only feature, as BTC and other virtual currencies have been also exploited in the attacks, similar to the aforementioned ones, although Monero includes such privacy features, which make it unique.

The new Malware Response webpage is aimed to notify its visitors on the ways of prevention and removal of the malicious software. As previously claimed, the customers are expected to come to the website in frustration and wanting answers because most of the time they do not know what is going on with their computers.

Apart from malware detection, the website also offers three tools against cryptomining scripts based on the browser, malicious software based on computer’s operating system, and ransom demanding malware.