Nasdaq report on blockchain deployment

Nasdaq report on blockchain deployment
Jun 27, 2018 by Rico Wise

The recent research organized by Nasdaq and performed by the Celent company, which undertakes in fintech analytics, indicated that the distributed ledger technology has still a long way to go in terms of adoption by the suppliers of the stock market infrastructure.

According to the analysis results, 5% of companies have adopted blockchain in one way or another, whereas 40% of the polled companies are utilizing cloud computing, 70% undertake in mechanic process

Recent statistics show that global blockchain implementation costs reach approximately 2.1 billion US dollars this year, while they amounted to only 945 million US dollars the year before.

The researchers claim that before the new technology can be adopted, the providers of the stock market infrastructure have to ensure that blockchain delivers sufficient scalability, protection, and speed. These points, along with policy compliance, are crucial for the innovations to see their implementation in the markets.

The researchers have also emphasized the fact that such implementation can take some time, and that it can be highly challenging for all shareholders to establish a project powered by a blockchain, which would successfully be able to replace the system that already exists, especially when it comes to an international exchange.

Previously, the blockchain technology has been accused of immaturity by the BBVA bank in Spain, with its CEO pointing at such big issues as volatile currencies and potential incompatibility with tax and financial bodies.

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