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NEO and ONT collaborate to make a 40 million US dollars airdrop

NEO and ONT collaborate to make a 40 million US dollars airdrop
Jul 11, 2018 by Rico Wise

Owners of NEO coins will obtain 40 mio USD in ONT digital currency via airdrop.

Being located outside China, both NEO and ONT are Onchain’s projects , operating under its blockchain research and development department based in Shanghai. Lately, Ontology has established its personal mainnet, following the footsteps of TRON and EOS and creating an asset of their own.

Previously, an announcement has been released, according to which all NEO coin holders would obtain 0.1 ONT per each coin they own. This was subsequent to the Ontology’s statement of contributing 100 million ONT coins to the NEO Council. Recently, NEO has made another announcement about giving the customers 0.1 ONT more per each 1 NEO coin possessed.

Currently, as much as 1,000 ON coins worth of approximately 4,000 US dollars have been given out to the customers who have subscribed to their newsletter and fulfilled the Know Your Customer requirements.

According to local opinion, NEO has been called an Ethereum of China, and it has lately proclaimed a brand new age of decentralization. NEO has lifted the bans on permitting other groups to operate blockchain nodes. This move effectively boosted NEO’s price on the market. Nevertheless, NEO is still holding the reins in terms of consensus node election and this made the aforementioned statements quite doubtful.

Airdrops are gaining increasing popularity with blockchain developments recently. It is commonly believed that such events reach a bigger audience and assist in spreading the word of the project.

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