No matter the decline, BTC displays better performance than Apple

No matter the decline, BTC displays better performance than Apple
Dec 16, 2018 by Rico Wise

Over the past two years, Apple’s stock value has grown from 115 to 165 dollars, accounting for a 43.7% growth. Alphabet, which is the parent firm of Google, recorded gains from 792 to 1,071 USD, which is 32.7% gain.

Over the same period, the BTC value has grown from 1,000 to 3,155, which is by 215%, even despite the 86% loss of price. With the recent significant BTC drop versus the USD, some of the sceptics have begun claiming that BTC will lose all of its value and inevitable fall down to zero.

Still, such claims neglect the unusually strong surge performed by BTC last year, when its price added over 1,850% of worth versus the USD, skyrocketing to 19,500 USD. No matter the market, such rally is sure to be followed by a continual downtrend and consolidation periods that take a few months to settle.

Every single market experiences bullish and bearish cycles. This year, the Dow Jones and the majority of technology stocks such as Apple, Alphabet, and Facebook all lost their yearly profits in the wake of a severe sell-off performed by the market.

BTC might take a lot longer to fully recover than earlier due to the fact that the cryptomarket has gained a better structure and a better part of the mainstream has become aware of the asset class.

However, claiming the asset’s decline to zero on the mere basis of 85% price correction is simply inaccurate, given the last year’s 1,850% surge and the huge correction that was to follow.