OKEx cryptoexchange deletes over 30 cryptotrading pairs due to weak volume

OKEx cryptoexchange deletes over 30 cryptotrading pairs due to weak volume
Oct 30, 2018 by Rico Wise

The removal will come into force since November 1. Adding and deleting trading pairs is commonplace among cryptoexchanges, and in some cases the removal of the trading pair, depending on the scale of the cryptoexchange, can become the last nail in the coffin of the currency’s price. Some exchanges have voting set up, where customers themselves can influence the fat of the token at the exchange.

The majority of the tokens do not suffer much from becoming removed from just one cryptoexchange. Ripio, for example, the currency of the p2p lending platform, has registered a huge surge regarding the USD price, increasing by more than two times from the 8 million dollars the other day. Only about 200,000 USD of this surge were traded at OKEx exchange.

It is evident that the currency simply was not that popular among the customers of this particular cryptoexchange. Over 5 million dollars of Ripio’s volume were Binance’s responsibility.

In case with Monetha, the situation is generally different, with the trading activities being generally down all over the cryptomarket. Under 500 USD in Monetha currency were traded at OKEx over the last day, with approximately 1 million of overall trading volume. The most of it, once again, took place on Binance. This is a significant drop from over 21 million US back in the middle of this January.

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