​Opinion of OmiseGo creator on Ethereum scaling and acceptance

​Opinion of OmiseGo creator on Ethereum scaling and acceptance
Aug 1, 2018 by Rico Wise

OmiseGo creator and chief executive officer, Jun Hasegawa, has expressed his opinion on what lies ahead for Ethereum over the course of the upcoming two years.

Previous year brought a lot of speculations regarding Ethereum and startups launched on the basis of its blockchain. Initial coin sales have accumulated billions of USD every 3 months, surpassing the sums that crypto and blockchain –related firms obtained from approved financiers and VC companies.

The speculations arose in the cryptoindustry due to a swift BTC price rally, which took all the other digital currencies along with it. Ether alone increased by 150 times in its price over a year period.

After the digital assets made a significant surge at the end of the previous year, the digital currencies have lost 70-90% of their value in the wake of the subsequent correction.

According to Hasegawa, the correction has not finished yet, and it allowed both the cryptomarket and its developers to create products and various scaling solutions to adapt and help the upcoming surge.

In two years, Hasegawa believes, Ethereum is going to experience true business adoption, bigger development of dApps, significant scaling and governmental adoption, all of which will raly on the scaling technologies and how well they develop now.