Over 1,000 decentralized apps on Ethereum network

Over 1,000 decentralized apps on Ethereum network
May 31, 2018 by Rico Wise

Christian Crowley, representing the Alethio company, has revealed some data showing that since 2017 the Ethereum network has adopted over one thousand decentralized applications.

Crowley’s company is known for developing a platform for analysing the Ethereum network in real time, and recent analysis shows that over one thousand DApps were deployed on Ethereum platform since 2017, even though certain applications are not online yet.

The blockchain project has enabled developers to create apps using smart contracts, allowing them to work with no intermediaries involved. Nevertheless, the search for Ethereum’s killer decentralized application continues.

Research data shows that IDEX and ForkDelta applications alone were able to amass over 1,000 everyday customers. Both applications are decentralized cryptoexchanges that enable their customers to trade any ERC-20 based altcoin without putting their money in the walled supervised by the exchange.

The most famous decentralized application, CryptoKitties has only 536 daily customers. However, it still pulls off 12 million dollars financing round, mainly due to venture capitalists being bullish that virtual valuables will become one of the top use cases for the blockchain technology.

Overall, over 500 decentralized applications have a total number of active everyday customers of approximately 12,000 people.

Christian Crowley has also pointed that in 2017 over 700 altcoins have been deployed on the Ethereum platform, emphasizing the rise of ICOs as an unconventional method of fundraising for startups. Over the last two years, initial coin offerings have accumulated billions and billions of dollars, with EOS alone raising 4.2 billion dollars before finishing its ICO.