​Over-the-counter market is grander than BTC exchange volume

​Over-the-counter market is grander than BTC exchange volume
Aug 1, 2018 by Rico Wise

Recently, a research has been performed, the results of which have displayed that Bitcoin’s over-the-counter market is dramatically bigger than the worldwide BTC exchange market.

For quite some time now, most of the BTC analysts have forecast billions of USD to be involved in everyday operations of the OTC market, engaging billionaire financiers, organizations and cryptominers in trading. All the dominant cryptoexchanges process enormous amounts of US dollars in the course of the daily trading activities, although their liquidity is insufficient to handle multi-billion USD buy and sell orders.

Such lack existing with the dominant cryptoexchanges represents just one of the many problems that could be faced in the course of handling big trades for important financiers. Selling billions dollars’ worth of BTC coins via a public cryptoexchange over a short span of time can result in the downfall of the cryptomarket, specifically if the buy orders are too few to liquidate big sale orders.

Thus, the OTC market has become relied on by the fat-sum dealers and organizations to buy and sell the world’s dominant digital currency in batches, along with ETH and others and predominantly from cryptominers and various big financiers.

Very recently, analysts have confirmed that the Bitcoin’s OTC market volume is 2-3 times bigger than that of the exchange market. Taking into account that approximately 4 billion US dollars’ worth of Bitcoin transactions are handled everyday, the OTC market is responsible for handling 12 billion USD worth of transactions every day.