​Pornhub and PumaPay collaborate to implement payments with crypto for the website

​Pornhub and PumaPay collaborate to implement payments with crypto for the website
Aug 24, 2018 by Rico Wise

Friday comes with lots of news on collaborations between business inside and outside of the cryptoindustry.

Pornhub, the Canadian-based website, which is world-known for providing access to adult content, has made an announcement today about entering into a partnership with the PumaPay project that offers digital currency settlements and billing. This collaboration is aimed at making the website visitors able to pay for the services provided by the website using digital currencies.

From this day on, Pornhub accepts the PumaPay currency, which facilitates its exceptional pull payment protocol, which is going to enable the website visitors to enjoy automated payments for subscription, along with Pornhub Premium offer. The adult entertainment provider has spread the news of the newly concluded partnership by uploading a video on YouTube named “Pornhub and PumaPay save the world”

This collaboration echoes the previously concluded partnership involving the Verge digital currency (XVG). The cooperation, which was entered into in the mid-spring of this year, enables the website users to pay for Pornhub Premium subscription, as well as any other buys related to the adult entertainment provider using the XVG currency.

Previously in August, Tube8, Pornhub’s subsidiary, has unveiled its intentions to create a blockchain-based network for customers to make cryptocurrency gains by viewing and interacting with the content offered by the website. The Vice Industry Token is going to assist Tube8 in developing a network for its 10 mio customers, enabling them to profit while enjoying the content completely free.