Ripple grows in price as Coinbase nods at including more currencies

Ripple grows in price as Coinbase nods at including more currencies
Sep 26, 2018 by Rico Wise

The most of the day turned out to be a downtrend for the Ripple currency, destroying the better part of its impressive gains seen the week before. However, that situation took a turn on Tuesday evening, what the #3 most dominant digital currency spiked, reaching 0.478 USD price.

The unexpected surge of the Ripple coin happened subsequent to the announcement made by the San Francisco-based cryptoexchange giant, Coinbase, which stated to have reworked its procedure for listing the digital currencies, removing what for the most part was a rather careful, crude approach to introduce a procedure which echoes the processes assets undergo upon listing on other cryptoexchanges.

An interesting detail here is that the announcement of the cryptoexchange indirectly indicates that more digital currencies will soon get listed at Coinbase.

The Ripple financiers have long been unsatisfied by the fact the Coinbase refused to list XRP coin, despite the fact that it included digital currencies with lesser volume of market capitalization. Even though the news do not expressly point at future listing of the Ripple currency (as there are rumors that the coin will be deemed a security), the majority of other dominant cryptoexchanges in the Unites States have already included XRP in their markets.