Sacramento Kings perform cryptomining for charity

Sacramento Kings perform cryptomining for charity
Jul 2, 2018 by Rico Wise

The Sacramento Kings have collaborated with a cryptomining equipment company to set up cryptomining hardware in an arena, with all the profits made from it going in favor of the donation project.

The MiningStore organization, which provides hardware for ETH mining has entered into partnership with the basketball team of Sacramento. All earnings will be transferred to the MiningForGood donation project that is a charitable organization for technology schooling and labor advancement in Sacramento.

The owner of the basketball team, Vivek Ranadive, stated that the project intends to encourage the young generation of developers and open-minded people who will bring positive change and revolutionize own communities of their own as well global. Ranadive also believes that their endeavor is innovative and acted as an advocate of providing opportunities to discover solutions for complicated matters.

Humanitarian cryptomining, namely of ETH currency, is being practiced all over the globe. Previously, UNICEF Australia encouraged cybersportsmen to mine ETH with profits further donated to the children of Syria, as well as Ethereum’s own co-creator, Vitalik Buterin, contributed over 2 mio US dollars’ worth of Ethereum to a research that battles aging.

The representatives of the basketball team also mentioned offering BTC payment option in their team shop for 4 years and counting.