Stellar grows by 19 percent, Cardano adds gains

Stellar grows by 19 percent, Cardano adds gains
Sep 24, 2018 by Rico Wise

XLM has reached a 25% surge in value against USD, hitting a mark of 0.297 USD at its daily highest. This accounts for over 38 % increased price of Stellar within the period of 2 days, adding almost 0.08 USD.

To echo the 3x growth recorded by Ripple over the last week, XLM and ADA will need to grow by over 30% from their price range now, which does not seem likely in the upcoming days.

However, it is crucial to take into account the fact that unlike the Ripple’s short-term surge, the price rally of Stellar and Cardano were mainly caused by positive technical indicators and price movement, instead of just a series of made announcements and occurring events.

Stellar has displayed a significant breakout from the downtrend that goes back to the middle of July, signifying the inevitability of the upcoming price surge, which was only confirmed by the price rally that took place over the last 4 days. The similar situation can be noticed with Cardano as well, and it is likely for the ADA currency to witness a significant rally in the upcoming days, too.