​Stellar price keeps rising

​Stellar price keeps rising
Jul 26, 2018 by Rico Wise

Just yesterday, Stellar jumped in price by 10 percent, hitting a two-month high at the Bitfinex cryptoexchange. Despite the fact that there hadn’t been any particular events to cause this surge, the XLM digital currency has made the news with these positive dynamics.

Stellar’s trading volume has also experienced significant growth on Binance cryptoexchange. XLM has also increased in price on Coinbase by 25 percent in just a couple of days, totaling an impressive result of 40 percent growth, including yesterday’s records.

Due to Coinbase’s recent activity, digital currencies started experiencing more positive price appreciation, which helped Stellar finally experience some gains within the bearish trends of 2018.

Moreover, IBM’s recent involvement of Stellar, which was used for pairing with a virtual stablecoin also contributed to positive attitude in relation to XLM. It is showing far more impressive dynamics even in comparison to the dominant digital currencies of the cryptomarket.

Stellar is also gaining recognition through being listed on various cryptotrading platforms, such as BitIra, which gives more financing opportunities to the potential customers.

Additionally, Stellar has been recently certified by the Shariyah Review Bureau, which also played a role in spreading the word about this digital asset....