Stormy Daniels approves Vice altcoin

Stormy Daniels approves Vice altcoin
May 28, 2018 by Rico Wise

20 porn sites begin accepting the VIT coin within the framework of the partnership between the Darkreach Communications and the VIT Network. One of the website also advertises Stormy Daniels, who is allegedly associated with Donald Trump.

The Vice altcoin is a cryptocurrency designed to be utilized as a motivation for media involvement with the mediacommunity for adults. People that will visit each of the twenty aforementioned websites are going to be awarded with VIT coins for the content they watch or interact with, which would allow to further use coins for subscriptions or VIP access. The VIT coin can also be exchanged to other crypto, or even fiat currencies, which means that customers will be able to earn profit from interacting with adult media on any of the websites within the partnership.

Darkreach Communications is a Canadian company that handles over twenty websites for pornographic studios and pornstars, such as Stormy Daniels. All these websites will be using VIT tokens for rewards.

The most recent similar case of adopting crypto by the porn industry is the Pornhub website that started using the Verge altcoin as a mode of payment for anonymous subscriptions and enabling one-time transactions for media.