Sunil Bumb: "Cryptocurrency is the future in capital market"

Sunil Bumb: "Cryptocurrency is the future in capital market"
Aug 15, 2018 by Rico Wise

Nice to meet you, Sunil. As far as I know you often visit Honk Kong and India. What’s the main country for you right now?

Yes, Honk Kong is my main country for now.

Is it connected with your business?

Yes, sure.

How old were you when you have started to work? Do you remember that time?

I was 21 y.o. when I first came to Honk Kong, but I started my career when I was 17.

And that was in India, right?


What was your first job?

I was a jeweler

It's very interesting. Why did you move to Honk Kong? Did you want to get some new life experience? Or that was a job offer for you?

Yes, that was for business.

Can you tell me one of the most exciting stories from the youth? Maybe the one which had changed your life.

I got an partnership offer from a business tycoon when i was 29 , and that time my life changed

What type of business do you run now?

I am a capital venture. Most likely I invest in blockchain companies now.

When did you first learned about blockchain?

In 2017 February

Why were you interested? Maybe not at the first glance but later?

Because it’s a future and most likely I wanted to switch my business from jewelry to IT.

Can you imagine the future without blockchain?


What spheres of life will be changed by the blockchain technology?

Most likely a banking sector.

Do you admit cryptocurrency and blockchain as a whole thing? Or they should be separated?

Crypto and blockchain should be separated. Blockchain can exist without cryptocurrency.

Have you ever bought cryptocurrency?


What are your thoughts about crypto? As far as wee see now, the market is very unstable.

I am a hodler. Of course market is too volatile now, but crypto is a future.

Is that connected with the government restrictions? Should there be any law for the cryptocurrency market?

Yes , it is connected with government regulations but, for example, there is no any particular law for cryptocurrency in Honk Kong.

What's your favorite coin? And why?

Bitcoin, Litecoin. Both are futuristic currencies and it is going to be use in daily life in banking as well marketplaces. Due to its decentralized technology.

Isn't Bitcoin blockchain too slow for the daily life operations?

Bitcoin yes, but Litecoin no. Litecoin is more faster because of LN, Segwit, Atomic Swap.

Can you give a piece of advice to our readers? Are they late to invest in cryptocurrency or it’s just the beginning?

Well , I can advice to everyone that cryptocurrency is the future in capital market in terms of near future, when you start is a good beginning and keep believe in new technology.

Thanks for the interesting interview, Sunil.

My pleasure