Single factor displays the potential of BTC value to drop even lower

Over the past day, the digital currency market has made a slight bounce back of 1 billion USD, with BTC recovering to mid-3,500 USD area.

Feb 6, 2019

Over the past day, the BTC value, which was seemingly not impacted by the withdrawal of the CBOE and VanEck BTC ETF, maintained its stability at 3,500.

Jan 25, 2019

The cryptomarket is heading towards the longest bearish sentiment in its entire history.

Jan 22, 2019

Joey Krug: BTC will not become money

CIO of Pantera Capital has issued a thesis explaining why BTC will not manage to become successful money.

Jan 15, 2019

Cryptomarket starts crashing down once more as BTC dives beneath 3,500 USD level

BTC dropped under 3,500 USD level, accounting for 5 billion USD wipeout from the cryptomaret, with ETH also recording a 6% decline.

Jan 14, 2019

Cryptocurrency volume is declining, BTC possibly headed beneath 3,000 USD

Over the past two days, the cryptomarket’s trading volume has declined from 15 billion to 12 billion USD, with BTC dropping under 3,600 USD level.

Jan 13, 2019

BTC value will drop under the 3,000 USD level, huge sell-off action predicted

BTC was forecast to plunge below the 3,000 USD level amidst an intense sell-off by Anthony Grisanti.

Jan 12, 2019

Cryptomarket keeps enduring a strong sell-off; is BTC value on its way to yearly low?

In the mid-December 2018, BTC value decline to a new yearly low at 3,122 USD subsequent to a 14-days sell-off action.

Jan 11, 2019

SOV assets such as BTC will become greater

Such is the opinion of the Circle’s chief executive, Jeremy Allaire.

Jan 11, 2019

What is the reason behind ETC, BCH 15 drop, which took less than 4 hours?

Over the last 4 hours, 9 billion USD were erased from the digital currency market as ETH and BCH registered 14% decline versus USD.

Jan 10, 2019

Can approval of the Japanese ETF influence the decision of the US Securities and Exchange Commission?

On Jan 7, it has been reported that the Japanese FSA is contemplating the approval of the first ever Japanese BTC exchange-traded fund.

Jan 9, 2019

ETH drops 6 percent while cryptomarket is retracing in the near-term correction

In the course of the past day, ETH registered a 6% drop versus the USD, bringing instability to the cryptomarket.

Jan 8, 2019

BTC transaction fees reach 3-year low as BTC scaling is assisted by Lightning Network and SegWit

Lately, BTC transaction charges have reached a low they had not witnessed for the past three years, currently accounting for 0.029 USD.

Jan 7, 2019

Bearish sentiment has not left the cryptomarket just yet; BTC will continue dropping

BTC might be in its last stage of the bearish market, but some analysts don’t think so – there’s more bearish bias to come before recovery takes place.

Jan 6, 2019

Ethereum continues its run, gaining 35 percent over seven days

Over the past 7 days, ETH has recorded confident gains, once again securing its second place in among the most dominant digital assets.

Jan 5, 2019

BTC value shows its inability to break through the 4,000 USD resistance level once more

BTC price made its consolidation yesterday, as 4,000 USD resistance level kept on blocking the surge from its attempt to break out.

Jan 4, 2019

BTC value is reaching the resistance level at 4,000 USD, but will it hold on?

Yesterday, the BTC value displayed small growth, as it retained the profits acquired in the process of the Wednesday’s session.

Jan 3, 2019

BTC value enters 2019 within a short-term descending channel

Yesterday, BTC value experienced a small drop of under 1% versus the USD on a daily period.

Jan 2, 2019

BTC surge loses momentum almost at 4,000 USD

BTC value struggled to reach the 4,000 USD level on the first day of the last December’s weekend.

Dec 30, 2018