Tezos Foundation attracts the PwC company

Tezos Foundation attracts the PwC company
Jul 28, 2018 by Rico Wise

Large auditing company from Switzerland, PricewaterhouseCoopers (briefly PwC) has accepted an invitation to perform an independent audit for the Tezos Foundation.

PwC is known as a part of the so-called Big Four auditing companies. It will examine the financial operations of the Tezos Foundation, which is a multi-million dollars owner of digital currencies and different digital assets accumulated from an ICO previous summer.

According to the announcement issued by the association, performance of this audit displays its intentions to conduct business in upholding the integrity of the highest level.

As of lately, the PwC firm has made a lot of work in the DLT field and even rendered some private blockchain services to customers aiming to profit in this blooming field of technology. The company also has its branches operating in Asia, with PwC Hong Kong featuring digital currency payments acceptance active for more than a year and cooperation with a branch office in Singapore to finance the VeChain digital currency project.

However, this collaboration will be the first incident of a Big Four auditing company accepting the request of a major-scale blockchain foundation, which can potentially be interpreted as the growing level of comfort for the prevailing industry of financial services in relation to the companies working in the digital currency sector.