​The digital currency department of Facebook is preparing something.

​The digital currency department of Facebook is preparing something.
Aug 11, 2018 by Rico Wise

According to insiders, Facebook has recently met with Stellar, a digital currency startup, to talk about the ways of leveraging the DLT of blockchain for the social media conglomerate’s advantage.

It has been reported that the two companies have talked about forking the public blockchain of Stellar, to further create its own digital currency instead of sitting on the back of Stellar. Also, it has been reported that Facebook’s division has met with some other digital currency startup representatives, which remain unknown.

In addition, the information has got out that the aforementioned division has been expanding itself in terms of human resources. A job offer has been found on the Internet, inviting people to work in a project within Facebook, with a focus on making blockchain innovations operable on Facebook and bettering the quality of life for billions of people all over the globe.

Further heating up the discussion, the news of David Marcus leaving his position in the board of Coinbase’s directors got out. Reportedly, he has left it in favor of leading the blockchain department of Facebook and escape the situation with conflict of interest. This, in turn, led to believe that Facebook is getting ready to make an announcement connected with its plans on digital currency.