The reason BTC will surge

The reason BTC will surge
Jul 15, 2018 by Rico Wise

Seeing how price has been fluctuating in the couple of last months, analysts keep wondering what future lies ahead for Bitcoin, predicting all kinds of scenarios for the cryptocurrency.

Some of the analysts rely on figures and statistics for their future prognoses, believing that past performance may indicate what is coming next. However, this approach is not shared by everyone, leaving space for some uncertainty of what lies ahead.

Some analysts prefer to perform the Monte Carlo simulation, where one is supposed to make assumptions about future asset behavior, and whether it will be similar to the behavior of the asset in the past, creating a variety of different versions for the situation development by using samples of the past behavior to build the so-called walks by adding them up.

When performing the Monte Carlo simulation for Bitcoin, you will see that most of the future scenarios predict that Bitcoin’s price will go above 10,000 USD at the very least.

If one decides to dig deeper an apply some distribution methods to these figures, they would be able to achieve as much as 24,000 USD as BTC price calculation result, which by all means should signify bright future for the Bitcoin enthusiasts.