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TiberiusCoin threatens price fluctuation and inflation

TiberiusCoin threatens price fluctuation and inflation
Oct 5, 2018 by Rico Wise

Today’s global economy faces the huge issue of inflation, especially in countries, such as Turkey and Argentina, national currencies of which currently struggle against the volatility of inflation rates and keep losing value every day.

Enter the TiberiusCoin, a project focused on battling the inflation with its volatile and crumbling rates.

The Tiberius Coin has been developed as a response to the issue of inflation in developing countries and their emerging markets. The digital currency operates by being linked directly to metals, which present a significantly more stable part of the global market and are more substantial altogether.

With help of blockchain innovations, the Tiberius Coin offers a solution against inflation by providing every token owned with immediate ownership of a certain amount of metals backed and secured by the legislative framework on the basis of the jurisdiction on Switzerland.

For digital currency holders and financiers this means they will own a commodity, which will always have the upper hand against inflation rates, as metals seem to be a resource which is here to stay for quite some time. This is due to the fact that metals are utilized in the manufacturing process of practically anything people use every day, from vehicles and gadgets to houses and devices – metals will always remain in demand.

Thus, by holding a coin linked straight to a stable commodity, the clients become protected from the dangers of fluctuating inflation rates, which the majority of digital currencies struggle against nowadays. In addition, the clients will benefit from the rising demand for metals in the upcoming future.

If you are a financier who seeks an opportunity to invest in secure and promising digital currency, look no further than Tiberius Coin

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