TriForce Tokens conducting coin offering for development of blockchain ecosystem

TriForce Tokens conducting coin offering for development of blockchain ecosystem
Nov 5, 2018 by Rico Wise

TriForce Token is currently at the last phases of its token sale, being a flagship marketplace for games based in the United Kingdom and created to enable the gamers and independent game devs to connect with each other directly, thereby increasing player retention. This is achieved via creation of a lively community, where ideas are to be exchanged and feedback improved, allowing for enhanced game development whilst shortening expenses in the process.

TriForce Tokens has accumulated the majority of support from private VC companies and other financing professionals this year. The firm has also managed to receive The Block award for introducing the most revolutionary application of blockchain technology in gaming and entertainment sector in 2018. Also, the project is partnering with MediaGame.

The network of TriForce Tokens can already boast of some PC and mobile game releases, e.g. Eximus, a combination of a first-person shooter and a real-time strategy, which pits teams of five people versus each other for taking the lead, which attracted a lot of attention from the gamer community and facilitated the growth of customers for the network.

The project is created to turn into a scalable gaming market based on blockchain technology. It intends to achieve this via elimination of its existing limitations of staying on the Ethereum platform by developing its personal blockchain platform using Lisk. For more details on the token sale for the TriForce Tokens, check the information on their website.