TRON cryptocurrency leaves Ethereum platform

TRON cryptocurrency leaves Ethereum platform
Jun 1, 2018 by Rico Wise

TRX altcoin developers have created their own iteration of a public blockchain platform just yesterday, therefore signifying the departure from Ethereum platform. At press time, TRON currency takes the place of the 10th biggest digital currency in the industry.

TRON calls its platform Odyssey 2.0, and the developers plan to perform its beta testing during June. The genesis block is set to be launched on June 25, while the token will commence its migration in-between June 21 and 24. Within this migration period, financiers will be allowed to swap theur ERC20 tokens for the same amount of TRX tokens for the new platform.

The whole endeavour is intended to check if TRON can truly compete with Ethereum in terms of public platform provision that would enable development of decentralized applications. The newly created platform will be utilizing the Proof of Stake consensus algo.

According to the tests carried out by the creators of the platform, the claims are that TRON’s MainNet is 400x faster than Ethereum’s platform.

TRON strives to shake off the ECR20 attribute of its token and highlights its desire to achieve scalability and become fully decentralized.

However, the market price does not seem to favour the separation tendencies so far, with TRX dealing at 6 cents, which is down 0.3% over 1 day, and down approximately 14% from last week’s 7 cents price.