TRON digital currency dev team expands from 2 to more than 40 people

TRON digital currency dev team expands from 2 to more than 40 people
Jan 2, 2019 by Rico Wise

The expansion of TRON’s main dev crew has let its blockchain designers to specialize and allowed them to make the TRON platform more stable.

Marcus Zhao, Head of Protocol for TRON, has lately reflected on the expansion of TRON’s crew and its chronology in the course of the last eight months. Zhao is supervising the creation process for TRON’s public platform that currently has a number of cryptoexchanges, games, and decentralized applications, and his aim is to ensure confident performance and increased scalability.

Currently, the core team of senior devs accounts for 40 people, with Zhao stating that the majority of the engineers has previous experience of work at large internet firms like Alibaba and Baidu. Back 8-9 months ago, the said crew contained as many as 2 engineers.

Zhao also claims that it was a hardship, with the small crew’s necessity to perform multiple tasks at once, juggling between design, development, employing, and cooperating with TRON community.

Upon the Shasta Testnet launch, the crew was able to establish a more definitive scope of responsibilities, and months after that, after TRON deployed its mainnet in June 2018, its crew expanded to 20 developers, becoming able to divide the tasks by three groups, working on underlying architecture, algorithm, and virtual machine and smart contract. This facilitated a huge improvement of quality and provided for increased stability.

Now that there are 40 developers and a special crew for trying out TRON blockchain in terms of stability and quality, Zhao claims that it is time for the entire team to set a goal of turning into one of the flagship dev teams all over the world.