TRON has more than 50 decentralized applications, hits 100 million transactions in 173 days

TRON has more than 50 decentralized applications, hits 100 million transactions in 173 days
Dec 23, 2018 by Rico Wise

Sub’s statement came after a significant milestone reached by the blockchain platform previously this month, reaching 100 million transactions in 173 days, estimating 578,034 daily transactions on average.

This August, Martin Köppelmannm the creator of, a prediction marketplace network based on Ethereum blockchain, stated that a crucial statistic to mention in assessing the growth rate of a smart contract protocol is the utilization of decentralized applications and the number of applications interacting with each other.

Similar to Ethereum, TRON provides a smart contract protocol and its value derives from its ecosystem of decentralized applications and active customers.

Per DappRadar, a network that offers data on the usage of decentralized apps of dominant smart contract protocols, the top-3 TRON-based decentralized apps have an average of 2,300 customers, with TRONbet registering 2,500 active customers and 2 million transactions every day.

In comparison, top-3 decentralized apps of Ethereum platform account for an average of 700 customers, with the leading projects being IDEX, ForkDelta, and My Crypto Heroes.

EOS, which is deemed the 2nd most valuable smart contract protocol after Ethereum, accounts for the highest amount of dApp customers on its platform. PRA CandyBox EOS Knights, and EOSBet boast of averagely almost 5,000 customers, which is a bigger number than TRON and Ethereum customers together.

Potentially incentivized by the foundation’s purchase of BitTorrent, the utilization of TRON-based decentralized apps has lately exceeded Ethereum’s with regard to daily number of customers and dApps.