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TRON introduces Project Atlas to attract BitTorrent customers into its mainnet

TRON introduces Project Atlas to attract BitTorrent customers into its mainnet
Oct 3, 2018 by Rico Wise

TRON purchased BitTorrent this July, together with its 100 million active monthly customers. BitTorrent is a set up p2p platform with a well-developed and proven infrastructure. Still, only time will show how good the cooperation goes.

This move seems quite intriguing for the community, although its meaning is not quite clear. P2P file sharing has long been a popular method of data and content exchange on the internet, with approximately 27 million people using its benefits for sharing and downloading content every single day.

It is obviously a significant environment, which brings back memories of the early days of the web. Enthusiasts of file sharing will not hesitate to remind you of its input in advancement of democracy, openness, and freedom of ideas. Similarly, its critics will quickly call it out for illegal use and abuse of torrenting networks to engage in piracy and other crimes.

However, the majority of projects in this space express their commitment to the cause of making the Worldwide Web a much fairer and decentralized environment, with its customers becoming enabled to engage in direct interaction with each other, as opposed to having to rely on centralized third parties.

With this regard, file sharing has some common points with the technologies of blockchain. Thus, Project Atlas intends to unite the two sectors with hopes of making the process of file sharing operate better.

The goal is to advance the way BitTorrent operates by implementing blockchain innovations and altcoins. Some would say that BitTorrent already has established reward systems to incentivize its users to engage in file sharing and exercise responsibility as community members, but TRON expresses hopes of taking it to the next level by implementing the tokens.

Overall, Atlas Project might assist in incentivizing torrent usage with more responsibility, as well as better the experience for its users.

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